Marketing Planning and its Need

Marketing is an important task of any business. It is more than just selling. The hard part about marketing, after making a product or service, is ensuring that your potential customers are cognizant of your existence in the market. Here, you essentially need ‘a plan of action’– the detailed marketing plan for your business.

What is Marketing Planning?

In simple words, marketing planning is the set of strategies or an overall company roadmap to select a specific target (market) and working accordingly to satisfy consumers in that section.

A market plan template describes your marketing efforts for the future – both near and long-term; includes a statement of the current marketing situation; research report on target markets and company status; portrayal of the ‘marketing mix’ to be used to reach your marketing goals.

Objectives of Market Planning

  • segment your marketplace, target your consumers and position your business in the market;
  • understanding the 4Ps of business – Product, Price, Place, Promotion;
  • outline your marketing goals;
  • create your marketing plan;
  • consider the future advancements.

Build The Plan – Your Paver To Triumph

A strong business plan requires supporting your idea with fact-based market research, and WE do it for you. We, with our “Master Plan” and effective business consulting ensure that your investors develop confidence in your understanding of the market.

Our Master plan for your marketing planning includes:

  • Setting A Goal For Your Business: We utilize the S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-specific) technique to identify your achievable goals and compare them with your vision for the marketing plan to shape your final plan.
  • Assessing Your Current Situation: We believe it is important, and moreover economical to understand what you already have. Therefore, our team uses the S.W.O.T. (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) scheme to analysis the current market status of your business. Conducting market research, analysis, and segmentation are our tools here.
  • Creating The Marketing Strategy: We follow the principle of 4Ps (product, price, place, promotion) to create a well-planned marketing strategy for your business to prosper and create effective ways to use these marketing mix tools that will help your reach your potential customers.
  • Implementing The Overall Plan: This is the time when we put our entire plan into action. Keeping the goals in mind, with regular evaluation of the things in and around and keeping track of the timely changes, we take it as our responsibility to manage the entire plan.

Build The Plan truly believes that every brand has something to reveal. And we thus discover their true voice that genuinely inspires the target audience.

With us, businesses not just show WHAT they do, but also help them show WHO they are!!

So, for a complimentary assessment of your overall business, contact us @1-800-383 -1148.


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