Raise Capital

In the ever-changing economic landscape, businesses demand committed results. Therefore, Build The Plan represents you and your business in a unique and prototypical manner at the investors’ table. We have assisted a long list of competent customers in introduction of their unique product/service and also helped them with negotiation in the agreement terms.

We take pride in having a 87.6% success rate in raising capital for the qualified clients. Assuring you to bring the best outcomes through our research driven strategic sales pitch, we tend forward to take your business to the next level of success!

For every business, it’s the capital which drives the growth and creates opportunities to expand in the right direction. Hence for the entrepreneurs, evaluating the options for raising capital becomes a daunting task.

Challenges you face for raising capital:

  • • Getting bank loans is not an easy job now.
  • • For SME’s, the risk capital investors, which expect high growth and rapid exit, seems not so good option.
  • • A number of complicated security regulations bound a limit on the investors

But not to worry anymore! Build The Plan now has capital raising options and business plan writing services, which you may have never heard of. We can help you find the service which benefit you most. Whether you are budding gradually, through acquisitions, or you feel stunted due to lack of capital, we cater your services to develop an effective financing strategy. Having the experience of a decade in the industry, we formulate the optimal structure and assist you in securing the capital required to boost your tactical and monetary objectives with help of professional business plan writers.

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We serve all your needs!

Businesses need to raise capital for a number of reasons including acquisitions,restructuring, shareholder liquidity, etc. But, what more important is to learn how to raise capital.

If you are looking forward to increase your credibility and visibility to obtain the perfect financing package, specifically tailored to meet your business interests and objectives, our business plan consulting team can help you out. Having an array of solutions, we provide you easy access to:

  • • Traditional Bank & SBA Loans
  • • Merchant Lending Services
  • • Venture Capital & Angel Investors
  • • Strategic Partnerships & Investments
  • • Crowd funding & Fundraising

We know the challenges of the competitive market. In addition, we don’t enforce a particular capital solution on our customers. Rather, we put every inch of effort to serve as objective advisors presenting an assortment of financing options in alignment with the specific business objectives and long-term strategies.

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