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If you want your business to grow healthy, in a well-planned manner, Build the Plan is your destination!

Build The Plan is the most trusted business plan consultant in New York, NYC and Washington D.C., with thousands of plans created for business operations, finances, strategic directions, etc.

Our Plans + Your Contribution=100% Healthy Business

What is Business Planning?

Business Planning is creating a mission for your Organization and defining the strategies that will lead you to achieve those missions. It includes a well-designed plan for your business covering its various aspects such as the business model, financial implications, strategies, development path, etc.

Business planning projects business growth, encompassing each aspect of the operation within the complete corporate structure. It helps in outlining a ‘plot’ that enables you to build value in your business.

What is the Procedure of Business Planning?

The best part of our entire business planning process is it is a hassle free process involving three major steps:

  • Developing the business concept
  • Analyzing the Market
  • Managing the Company Finances

What is the need for Business Planning?

If you still have your plans and ideas locked up inside your head, get a business plan today!!

It is said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Creating a business plan for your business is like a setting communication tool, which outlines your vision and how to proceed for achieving it in simple terms. Not only this, a well prepared business plan helps you save your precious time and money in the long run and fortifying important contracts or finances.

In short, a business plan helps business owners to get a definite portrait of the potential costs and hindrances to various business decisions and aiding them in making modifications accordingly.

Whom We Serve?

The only person who doesn’t need a business plan is the one who doesn’t own a business. Build the Plan serves everyone – Startups, small businesses, medium – sized businesses, and even the individuals looking to raise capital for a business or acquire a loan. Our business plans are fast, simple and effective.

Whoever you are, we are there to help you!!

How to Reach Us?

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Company and Bank Loans/Credit Lines

Market Analysis

This plan focuses on businesses looking to acquire under $250,000 in investments. The plan includes company information, market analysis, competitor information, detailed financial analysis and marketing strategies. This plan is the perfect tool to obtain SBA, bank loans or a line of credit.




Private Investor & Partnership Agreements

Market Analysis

This supports small to medium sized organizations looking to secure under 1 million dollars in investments. This plan includes all business plan elements with more in-depth marketing and operational plans, as well as customized financial analyses based on your industry.




Private Investor & Partnership Agreements

Market Analysis

This plan focuses on businesses looking to acquire under 5 million dollars in investments. This is our most comprehensive business plan, and along with all business plan elements, includes even more highly detailed marketing plans and financial model projections.