Business Strategy

Biz Virtuoso specializes in guiding our clients to devise clear and effective business strategies that reflect company vision and goals. Beginning with a three-hour strategic planning session, we help you look at all aspects of your business – where it’s been, its current status, and what you want it to become. We assist you in identifying and analyzing obstacles you have encountered and issues that are blocking success. This process can include interviewing staff, conducting market assessments and analyzing your customer/client base. The end product is a solid strategic plan, including short and long-term financial, staff and efficiency goals.

Operations Improvement/Process Development Consulting

Improving the execution of business processes to reach new levels of optimization and standards of quality is critical at every level of business growth. Using a systematic approach, Biz Virtuoso can assist you in identifying and analyzing the best ways to develop and improve your business processes, and put tangible measurements in place that track those processes, including measuring product quality, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, productivity levels, employee skills, and the bottom line – return on investment and profits.

Non-Profit & Public SectorBiz Virtuoso provides valuable consultation on human resource related issues, including:

  • Assistance with Human Resources Administration
  • Consultation on employee recruitment and selection strategies to hire and retain the right people
  • Counsel on employment law and benefits administration
  • Team building strategies