Our Process

At Build The Plan, we take a holistic approach to the growth of our clients’ businesses and organizations. By developing and utilizing a unique business plan process for our clients, we make sure they achieve success in their market and make maximum profits. Our ‘Planning Model’ includes four core strategies: Strategy, Plan, Launch and Capital. This model offers a streamlined path to growth, investments and profitability. It is a specialized process that has proven successful with small to medium sized businesses, and local, state and federal non-profit organizations. We are dedicated to helping you in inventing ways to run your enterprise in the most effective and profitable ways possible.


Beginning with a deep and detailed research of the market, we collect relevant information about the competitors and their current status in the market. Strategy acts as a foundation to add different activities that create long-term competitive advantages. By analyzing this information thoroughly, we formulate the right strategy for your business.


All of the activities that we choose while strategizing the plan come at some cost and lead to revenue. In the planning stage, we map the strategies to check whether your business can expect revenues to cover all expenses and leave room for profits in the long run. By analyzing things minutely and framing a layout of all the profits and even potential loses, we prepare an effective business plan.


The plan is then discussed with the entire organization deeply and is finalized when accepted. Necessary modifications are also done during this stage.


This is a commodity for which all efforts have been made. Our aim during this stage is to consider all the “thick and thins” in terms of company finance and leverage the implementation of the business plan in the right way.

With our marketing and business knowledge and experience, we strive to produce what is best for you and make sure you reap the desired advantages from our efforts. To learn more about how Build The Plan can impact your business or organization, contact us at plans@buildtheplan.com or 800-383-1148.